Education Games for Kids

Combining learning and games can be a great way to get your child to learn and play at the same time.  They will have so much fun, that they won’t even notice that they are improving on their school work and learning new facts.  Here are some of the top online educational games for kids:

Artistic Games- There is plenty of games that will keep your kid creative.  These types of games are also beneficial because they focus on the side of the brain that traditional school subjects, i.e math or science can leave out.  The computer is an especially fun place for these games, offering children the ability to draw out their own pictures and use a wide variety of colors.  The best part is, there will be no mess to clean up.

Music-  One of the best instruments that a youngster can have is a digital piano.  Learning how to play a piano at a young age is not only very beneficial for kids but it helps their hand/eye coordination. Check out Zebrakeys for some easy to follow piano training lessons for your kid.

Space-  While there are many astronomy and space games for kids, we often like to look for more of an educational site depending on the child’s age.  One Site  Space Access is a great teaching tool for not only kids learning about the planets, but also a general resource for other things such as the solar system, space and the stars.

Geography- There is one game called “Map the 50 States”.  It will require your child to know the locations of the different states. They will get a map of the United States, and a word bank.  Then they will have to place the correct state name from the word bank in its correct location.

Staying Fit- Another category for online games is staying fit and healthy.  One of the options that you have to choose from is “Healthy Snack Separation”.  There is a sliding separation column in the middle of the playing board.  The child’s goal will be to separate all the healthy snacks on one side, and all the unhealthy snacks on the other.  Some of the foot options that they will have to decide from include ice cream, cheese, carrots, broccoli, and more.  It is important to teach our children about healthy options so that they can make the right decisions in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Literature- There is also literature games.  They can be an effective way to encourage your child to read some more! There are different types of games that you can choose from.  There are types of games that correlate to a classic story, such as To Kill a Mockingbird.  There is a game called “Fill in the Blank” which will require your child to fill in the missing words to the summarized story.  This type of game can also be a good way to see if your child understands what they are reading.  There are also games that do not correlate with any specific novel or story.  For example, there are cross word puzzles that are simple yet effective in introducing different words to your child.

Math Games- Children can especially benefit from games that revolve around math.  It can make the subject feel a little more fun and interesting.  One of the games that are out there is Matchit Algebraic Terms.  This game is suitable for children who are in or are around the fifth grade.  It is a matching game, with two columns.  One column has the vocabulary word and the other has the meaning behind it.

Keyboarding Games- The purpose of these types of games are to help your children to become better and faster types.  This can definitely come in handy while they are at school on their computers.  It will prevent them from falling behind the other students.  There are also plenty of options to choose from.  The “Typing Speed Test” will give you the ability to test how fast you are typing.  There is also the “Typing Course” which is designed to help teach you how to type.

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